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Machining Business

The company

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Plastic moulding

Department of injection molding is located in an area of 750m2. Upon receipt of a 3D model of the customer, to our machines we manufacture parts for the automotive industry, manufacturers of white goods and home appliances, etc. The daily consultation with our colleagues in the parent company in France, come to new insights

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Design of clamping tools for machining business

Production of clamping tools for machining is done in the best possible way and using the best components by renowned manufacturers. Methods are as mechanical clamping, and lifting. Upon receipt of a 3D model of the workpiece, with additional specifications, we design and production of clamping tools.

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"Mecafor Products" is a subsidiary company of the French company "La Fonte Ardennaise". Currently located in Senta-Serbia until the fall of 2016, planned relocation to their own hall area of ​​4,800 m2 at the site of industrial zones (what the name that part of Kikinda), where in November 2015 realized investment 4mio eur in the purchase of land surface 4ha . (INSERT precise data)

"La Fonte Ardennaise" is a company that dates back to 1927, and in his system contains five foundry to produce castings of gray and ductile iron, a factory for surface protection casting, assembly plant subassemblies and assemblies of manufactured parts, one factory for making plastic parts-plastic injection, three plants for the machining of which is "Mecafor Products". Customers in various fields, ranging from automotive industries, manufacturers of agricultural machinery, valves and fittings, pumps, compressors etc.

The geographical position of the company "Mecafor Products" naturally dictates the territory to take charge of placement services and products. Our activities oriented to customers who are located in the states of Central and Eastern Europe. The current position covering the former Yugoslavia, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria and the countries of the former Soviet Union.

Continuous development of the company oriented towards the future, guaranteeing our customers excellent service and high quality products.
Our guarantee is provided
• successfully applied quality system according to ISO 9001, ISO TS 16949
• investing in the latest equipment and facilities
• continuous training and further education of employees
• flexibility and competitive production costs
• respect for deadlines

Due to this we are confident of further success in the future and a stronger market presence